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The company

Founded in 2015, began as a technological project within DoAlogue, an Israeli strategy boutique. Yotam, DoAlogue's co-founder and an avid wiki enthusiast, created an open wiki-based knowledge base dedicated to strategy and management resources. The platform garnered significant appreciation from DoAlogue's clients and followers, leading to requests for personalized versions.

This demand birthed a new product: a knowledge management system that harnesses the robust capabilities of a wiki, tailored to meet each client's unique requirements.

In 2020, branched out as an independent entity, established by Yotam & Elik in Tel Aviv.

Our core mission revolves around empowering companies and organizations to optimize their existing knowledge, deriving immediate and tangible value from it.
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The team

Itsik Karov

The old fox who leads the backend technologies of The brainpower fueling the platform.

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Senior Developer
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Yael Assouline

The she-wolf with the fresh perspective that leads the content and knowledge management of

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Director of Content Operations
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Yotam Hacohen

Leader of the foxes with deep expertise in organizations, organizational knowledge, and technology. He heads the pack at and is the founder of Doalogue Strategy Group.

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Michal Sabato

Part of the full-stack developer pack, this she-wolf expertly balances frontend clarity with backend stability.

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Full-stack Developer
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Chaya Kravitz

A coding expert skilled in intricate data transfers, this she-wolf is a key bridge between front-end and back-end for the pack.

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Full-stack Developer
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Michal Yanko

The sharp eyed she-wolf who identifies bugs and malfunctions and leads's product growth.

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QA Tester
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