the Company was born in 2015 as a technological project under DoAlogue, an Israeli strategy boutique. Yotam, DoAlogue’s co-founder and an avid wiki enthusiast, built a wiki based open knowledge base for strategy and management resources. It was so well received amongst DoAlogue’s clients and followers, that some of them requested one of their own.

Thus, a new product was born: a knowledge management system with all the empowering capabilities of a wiki, fully customised to the unique demands each and every client. became independent in 2020, founded by Yotam & Elik in Tel Aviv. 

Our mission is to help companies and organisations work better by utilising the knowledge at their disposal and extracting immediate value from it.

the Team

Elik Rozenboim

Previously a product manager at and Colu,
with many years of experience with analytics and big data.
Leads the product strategy at


Itsik Krumbein

The engine behind platform,
with many years of experience as a
full stack developer.

Senior Developer

Yotam Hacohen

Leads the fusion between organisations, knowledge and technology. Co-founder at DoAlogue strategy boutique.


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